Yoga Online


Relax : ) it is easy to get started with online classes.

What you need...

1) Calm space
2) Air the room
3) A mat
4) Block or cushion and a blanket or towel
5) Computer, Mobile phone or tablet
6) Zoom

Other tips:

1) Make your mat fully visible so that your practice can be seen for corrections.
2) Turn on sound in case you need to say something during class.
3) Turn off screensavers and screen locks for uninterrupted viewing of the yoga class.
4) The online session will start ten minutes before the class.
5) Please pre-book at least one day before to be sure to have and test the link.
6) Zoom, for first time users, you can download the client software for your device.
7) Help to get started with this video to explain how it works.

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