Indian Heart - English Uniform - Swiss Collaboration

An artist, computer scientist and yogi working with a variety of media - painting, drawing, sculpting, video and performance - explorations of birth, life, death and rebirth, systems and sub-systems, (dis)connectivity, interconnectivity of and can neither be created nor destroyed, changing forms (avatars), transforming and morphing, modulating and gyrating, spinning and whirring, mesmerised and phased, overdrive and collapse, noise and silence, bitter and sweet...tasted or left untasted, desired and undesired... let it flow, let it go, let it be...potentiality, relationality, functionality, dysfunctionality, totality, partiality...something, nothing, everywhere and nowhere...

2013 - 2020 Visual Communication, Art, Yoga...Om
2011 - 2014 Art and Design Studies
1993 - 2011 Computing

Oslo House Studios Cooperative
Past, Present, Future

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